The information on this site has been prepared with one goal in mind... to provide tools that will allow you to participate with the Lord Jesus Christ in restoring and renewing your personhood from narcissistic abuse and persecution.

Till the day that she went home to be with the Lord Jesus Christ, Dr. Mardee Alff's passion was knowing Jesus as the only Way to God, living in His love, praying to God in His Name, and agreeing with His Father's loving heart for mankind. She specialized in connecting the soul (intellect, will, and emotion) with Biblical truths, and psychological knowledge. She worked to integrate the soul with the body and spirit for peace in all areas of life - - business, personal, marriage, family, and relationships

It was her goal to strengthen health as she defined it: a peaceful balance between the spirit, soul, and body through a vibrant, ever-increasing love relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and respect for others.

Although Dr. Alff's practice ended in 2014, the material and resources on these pages took her a lifetime to discover and are just too important not to share. They have have provided wisdom, answers, and hope for many.

God bless you!