Dr. Alff's Credentials

Dr. Alff's Credentials are below and even though her practice is now closed, they serve to validate the information on this website.
Private Practice
  • Dr. Mardee Alff, Psy. D. Clinical Psychology Private Practice.
    • Specialties: Psychotherapy specialty working with Christians, and working with soul integration while desensitizing stress & trauma.
    • Closed in September of 2014
  • Created and Recorded Lecture Series sold through www.DrAlff.com: "Experiencing Soul Restoration: Ways to begin working with our own negative thoughts, eelings, and behaviors, that limit us from fully receiving all the blessings that God has for us - -through the Lord Jesus Christ who alone restores our soul." Copyright 2009, 2010 by Dr. Mardee Alff, Psy.D.
  • Created & Recorded Lecture Series sold through www.DrAlff.com "Narcisistic Personality Disorder: What are the symptoms and how can I deal with the pain/persecution, from a Christian perspective?" Copyright 2003, Revised 2006 by Dr. Mardee Alff, Psy. D.
  • "Soul Peace", a column in "Jubilee, A Good News Publication" by Grace Ministries International, for the Monongahela River Valley..
  • Business Consultation Specialty: Workforce Transformations through respecting the individual and testing for hiring and team selection.
  • Spiritual Consultation is also available

She purposefully sought a broad educational background to better serve her clients. Her training continued every year to fulfill Continuing Education requirements for Pennsylvania State Board of Psychology. She also receive training that was not covered under State Board CE requirements, in Christian subjects, and Kolbe recertification.

  • Accepted into the Grace Communion Seminary, Glendora , CA, "Master of Pastoral Studies" degree program, August 23, 2012.
  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology from Spalding University, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Doctoral Dissertation: "Lay Judgments Regarding Child Sexual Abuse: A Comparison with Professional Judgments and the Role of Discursive Process".
  • Masters in Counselor Education from University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Non-Degree Graduate Psychology Student, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Wagner College, Staten Island, New York.  Supporting courses in Nursing.
Clinical Experiences
  • Clinical Psychologist with Kane/Scott Nursing Home Residents
  • Psychology Residency at Advanced Diagnostics Trauma Specialists, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Internship: Mt Vernon Center for Community Mental Health in Mt. Vernon, VA. (Both the Spalding PsyD program and the year-long Internship program were approved by the American Psychological Association.)
  • Licensed in the State of Pennsylvania as a Psychologist
  • Lifespring Community Mental Health Services:Therapist in community mental health centers, and inpatient psychiatric hospitals with adolescents and adults
  • Children's Treatment Service (Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital): Doctoral Practicum in Family Therapy
  • Jefferson County Public Schools: School Special Education Assessor
  • ARC Manor: Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center volunteer therapist and group leader
  • Biofeedback Therapy
  • Pittsburgh Action Against Rape [PAAR] Crisis Intervention Hotline Counselor
Additional Psychological Training
  • Couple Communication I & II
  • CORE Communication for Individuals
  • Prepare/Enrich Relationship Skills Program Workshop; Advanced Workshop. Premarital and Marital enrichment; Building relationship skills for life for ages 13-23.
  • Red Cross Disaster Mental Health Provider Course
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, completing Levels I & II
  • Pittsburgh Action Against Rape [PAAR] Crisis Intervention Hotline Training
Additional Christian Training
  • Dunamis Retreat Project Series
    • Dunamis 1. Gateways to Empowered Ministry
    • Dunamis 2: In the Spirit's Power
    • Dunamis 3. The Power of Prayer
    • Dunamis 4. The Healing Ministry of Jesus
    • Dunamis 5. Equipping for Spiritual Warfare
    • Dunamis 6. Mission and Evangelism
  • Theophostic Prayer Ministry
  • Director, The Dunamis Video Course: Gateways to Empowered Ministry
  • Isaiah 61 Ministry Center: Seminars I-3, & Freedom, dealing with breaking the iniquities, lies, hurts, shame, and identity through the family line, and the principle of
  • Leader, Cleansing Stream Program
  • World Congress on Deliverance
  • Native American Resource Network: "Heal The People, Heal the Land Seminar"
  • Northeastern Congress on Prayer Evangelism
  • Charles & Frances Hunter’s Video Healing School; Healing Team member
  • Theotherapy I & II, Christian University College of the Americas
  • Organizer through International Reconciliation Coalition and International Reconciliation Coalition for Indigenous People
Business Consultant Training
  • Kolbe Professional Growth Conferences to continue certification
  • Pennsylvania Psychological Association's "Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award" to honor and evaluate Pennsylvania businesses
  • Value Of The Person Seminar
  • Kolbe Perfectly Capable Kids Certification
  • CREST: Continuous Relationship Education & Skills Training
  • Powered by Instinct
  • Collaborative Team Skills
  • KOLBE External Specialist Certification
  • Calvary Full Gospel Women of Faith. 
    : "Encouragement in the Dark Times of Life: Five Common Human Problems & Four Crucial Truths that Guard our Hearts in the Problems"
  • Presented the Workshop: "Experiencing Narcissistic Personality Disorder: What are the symptoms and how can I deal with the pain/persecution, from a Christian perspective?"
  • A Public Apology Ceremony To The Delaware Tribes of The United States, and TheDelaware Nation Council/ Moravian Band Office as well as the Munsee Delaware Tribe of Canada" by Public Officials and Churches of Washington and Westmoreland Counties of Pennsylvania
  • Mon Valley-wide Ministerial Summit. 
    : "Rebuilding the Walls and Gates: Redeeming the Land of Western Pennsylvania"
  • United Women's Intercessors Network. 
    : "Strengthening the Gates"
  • Christian Focus Group at Intercare/Lakewood Hospital.Presenter: "Introduction to Stress Management"
  • Carnegie Mellon University Elder Hostel
    Presenter: "Introduction to Stress Management"
  • Stephen Ministry
    Mt. Lebanon United Presbyterian Church
    Presenter: "Introduction to Stress Management"
  • South Hills Separated and Divorced Group
    St. Margaret's Church
    Presenter: "Coping with Depression/Managing Stress"
  • Corning Clinical Laboratory
    Presenter: "Managing Change/Stress"
  • Westmoreland Girl Scout Council, Inc.
    Presenter: "Stress Management: Relaxation"
Teaching Experiences
  • Mount Vernon (New York) Public Schools
    Sixth Grade Teacher
  • Board of Education of the City of New York
    Substitute Teacher
Professional Affiliations
  • Christian Association for Psychological Studies
  • Pennsylvania Psychological Association
  • Greater Pittsburgh Psychological Association
  • EMDRIA: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing International Association
  • Christians for Biblical Equality
  • International Association for Theophostic Ministry