Stress, Attitudes, and Emotions

"It is not so much the experiences of life that cause us stress, as our own attitudes about them. Our bodies produce the mood that our mind thinks. If we think about a restful time, our body will be more relaxed. If we dwell on negatives, our body will feel negative--which can bring physical and emotional problems." Rev. Dr. Santana-Grace

The Rev. Dr. Edward Santana-Grace emphasized that negative attitudes produced bad anger, anxiety, negative self-talk, pessimistic attitudes, and depression [or striking back]. He founded REST-C2 as a means of teaching others how to control their own emotions through a vibrant relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. This information is contained within Dr. Santana-Grace's excellent two day course called Rest-C2-C2.


With the permission of Dr. Santana-Grace, Dr. Alff highlighted some very basic information from his course in the first part of her NPD.1 Lecture, to introduce the connection between these five common human problems. The topic is:

"Encouragement In The Dark Times Of Life
Five Common Problems And Four Crucial Christian Truths
That Guard Our Hearts In The Problems''

In the second part of the lecture, Dr. Alff presented four crucial Christian truths that when utilized, help to counteract the negative thoughts, and provide ways to come out of the dark times with healing.

It is the Truth that heals. Knowing that we can participate with God to lessen stress in the dark times of life by believing His Truth is encouragement. The Lord’s Way is not passive, but mighty to pulling down strongholds. That is the heritage of the Christian.

For details concerning the four crucial Christian Truths: click Christians Experiencing Narcissism Choose NPD.1. The Stress Lecture has been incorporated into the NPD Lecture Series to enable you to begin monitoring your thoughts.

To purchase Dr. Santana-Grace’s booklet:  Getting to Know God  click here